7 Best Skills to Learn for the Future

Whether you are in school or college it’s always recommended to be future-ready and well equipped with in-demand market skills since we are heading towards a skilled-based economy. This pandemic has changed things drastically, work from home is in vogue, a great demand for skills is in the market. If you have a skill you will get paid higher and you can start earning at an early age just from your laptop/desktop. So this pandemic also pushes one to acquire the required skill. We also learned from this pandemic that we can’t depend on a single source of income. So learn a new skill in which you have some interest and start earning.

Automation and machine learning is at the heart of these changes. These will perhaps lead us to the most significant changes in terms of skills required by the workforce. Low-end jobs will be automated out, while new roles working with these automated systems will come into the picture. While this can vastly improve our lives, workers not in possession of the right skills are at risk of being left behind. The effects of this are certainly be exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

So whether you are a school or college student, job seeker, housewife or who had a career gap, or in a job and want to learn a new skill to get better paid. Here are the best seven skills to learn for the future to get better prospects in life.


This is one of the important skills we should learn which will be going to help us life long. The early we learn this skill the more it will benefit us. This skill should be taught in schools as well. Critical Thinking means thinking clearly and rationally. Considering all the dimensions of any issue or more precisely we can say pros or cons of any decision which you are going to take. This will open our minds. We will have a multi-dimensional approach which leads us to help in the decision-making process and make us a better leader. Even we should try to inculcate this from childhood.

Relevant Careers:

Critical Thinking is one of the core skills of various future professions. It is needed in various fields. The most important fields are:


Project Manager



Creativity is the ability to see things differently. It is first considered as it is required in certain specific areas but with time its applications grew manifold and most importantly it cannot be automated.

With the coming of the internet plethora of information is out there but what distinguishes you from the rest is the creativity in your project. Creativity in your information providing.

Creativity is deemed to be a particularly essential skill in the field of management and leadership and, interestingly, in science and engineering also its scope now widens. The need for creativity in socio-emotional intelligence will increase as human-machine collaboration increases.

Across industries, the demand for creativity increases manifold in some way or the other. It is no harm to cultivate this skill from the school days .We should try to inculcate this skill in our curriculum so that it grows with their ages and it will only benefit them in their future endeavors which will make them unique.

Relevant Careers:

Like Critical Thinking, Creativity is also core of all future professions whether content writing or web designer it is necessary. And this is not going to be replace by machines.


Communication is an art that always helps one’s career prospects. It also makes them better marketers (to sell their ideas). In fact, these help them in various fields. Communication is not necessarily mean fluent in some particular language but expresses oneself fully and target the receiver in the most effective way whatever be the mode in writing or speaking.

Relevant Careers:

Communication is important for employees at every level.

Every companies desire to have leader with good written and verbal communication skills.

4.Artificial Intelligence(AI):

When the intelligence of humans is imitated by machines then it is called artificial intelligence. Rapid advances in AI and machine learning are one of the significant drivers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These will change the way that we work, dealing with repetitive tasks faster and with a greater degree of precision than any human ever could; mapping out trends to predict what will happen in the future, and creating highly personalized user experiences.

While some reports say that AI will destroy jobs but it is not completely true it will create more jobs than it destroys. It will destroy some low-end blue-collar jobs. Which we have to cop up with. Nevertheless, those with the skills to develop and harness artificial intelligence and machine learning will be in a good position.  The WEF has stated that AI and related technologies will boost economic growth, thus creating more jobs for everyone.

artificial intelligence, future technology and business concept – robot and human hand with flash light and virtual screen projection over black background

Relevant Careers:

Machine Learning Engineer

UI Designer

Business intelligence Analyst


When we heard of blockchain we easily remember this in terms of cryptocurrency but its application is far wider than just cryptocurrency. Blockchain is defined as a decentralized public ledger. It stores the information in a decentralized block and it is shared with every other member. The impact of bitcoin in the finance industry. The WEF estimates that 10% of financial data will be stored on blockchain by 2027.

It has a wide range of applications across various industries. Blockchain could also be used in hiring, to check credentials and employment history. It could be used in logistics and supply chain management to track the movement of goods and map the lifecycle of products from source material to final usage. As a record of ownership for intellectual property, it could be used in Copyright Management.

Relevant skill:

Legal Counselor

UX designor

Blockchain manager


You can get the idea of the importance of coding by our new National Education Policy where the coding is included in the curriculum from class 6th onwards. You can also see various commercial ads on television in which children of the age of 6 years are coding and making apps. With technological advancements in various industries, you can see the huge demand for coders.

To start with you can first learn some basic coding languages like HTML or JAVASCRIPT then you can go for some advanced languages such as Python.

Relevant Career:


Game Developer

Web Developer

7. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability of individuals to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions in a positive way to relieve stress, overcome challenges, communicate effectively and empathize with others. Emotional intelligence is one of the most effective for good leadership and management of any company. There are five key elements of emotional intelligence. They are:

Self Awareness

Self regulation



Social Skills

Concept of mind and emotions

This is one of the top skills you can acquire if you want to be a perfect leader or manager in a good company. With this, you are going to manage the people by knowing the requirement of employees, guide them and take suggestions for any important decision. Because managing human resources play a crucial role in any company.

Empathy is the heart of emotional intelligence. It is critical in managing a successful team and organization. These leaders are willing to help their co-workers, have trust in them, give them a chance to make their opinions in the important decisions of the company, willing to apologize and forgive when necessary. As we move towards a globalized society, being aware of and considerate of cultural differences has also become a part of emotional intelligence.

Possessing these qualities helps us to work in collaborative environments, reduce stress, and get the best result for everyone. Naturally, you can see why employers would want to hire people like this.

Relevant  Career:

It is one of the necessary skills that involves working with other people. Whether a coder, manager, leader of some project this skill always provides you an edge over others and you can manage people easily.

So these are the best seven skills to learn for the future.As technology continues to advance and develop,one should learn any of these skill to be future ready or to be get paid better.

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